Премиера и четене на поетичната книга на Александър Шурбанов "Foresun"

Първото представане на поетичната книга на Александър ШурбановForesun”, издадена на английски език от издателство "Scalino", ще се състои на 2 август, вторник, от 19 ч. в Галерия The Art Foundation.

Четенето на стихотворения от книгата на английски на Александър Шурбанов Foresun ще открие британският поет Том Филипс. Освен автора ще участват още Вибке Байхе, Шон Станчов, Биляна Петринска, Мила Искренова, Мая Кисьова, Светлана Дичева, Росен Карамфилов, Илияна Делева, Светослава Койнова и Таня Иванова

You are kindly invited to the launch of Alexander Shurbanov’s book of poems Foresun published in English by Scalino in Sofia.
The book launch will take place on 2nd August at 7 p.m. at the Art Foundation Gallery (19 Dyakon Ignatiy Street). The entrance is through the first passage from the street on your left as you walk from Slaveikov Square towards the Central Post Office.
The event will be opened by the British poet Tom Phillips. Poems from Foresun will be read in English by the author and by Wiebke Beiche, Sean Stancioff, Bilyana Petrinska, Mila Iskrenova, Maya Kisyova, Svetlana Dicheva, Rosen Karamfilov, Iliyana Deleva, Svetoslava Koynova, Tanya Ivanova…

* * *

Alexander Shurbanov’s short, spare, and insightful poems are urgent messages from the deep. They show us that, despite everything, especially history, the world keeps reemerging, transfigured and fresh. It is our task to encounter it anew, to take it inside us, through art. This is, as he puts it, “all the immortality we have.”
Edward Hirsch

Whether he’s writing about the natural world, a busker in the metro or in response to other writers and artists, Alexander Shurbanov exhibits a rare ability to discover meaning and value in the seemingly inconsequential. He is a poet alive to immanent possibilities and, as such, he brings a profoundly humane perspective to bear on our day-to-day encounters and predicaments. His is a poetry which continually repays close attention.
Tom Phillips

Място: ул. „Дякон Игнатий“ 19, до площад "Славейков"

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